Cloud Stop Motion Movie Creator

Elementary grades 2-6 usernames are firstname,last initial no spaces, password is bulldog

Cloud Stop motion Tutorial

SpaceX Docking with International Space Station Simulator

Spring Mobile Games on Primary Games

Be A Lego Online Hero

3rd Grade Multiplication

Two Digit Addition

IXL 2 digit adding

Farm Games

Toy Theater


Dance Mat Typing

ed club typing – Grades 4-6

ed club typing – Grades 7-12 all in one class.  Leader board is cleared for 2020!

GimKit quzzes

Google Science Journal (testing)

Student Favorites:

Prodigy Math Game

Youtube Channel Guide

Weather Games from NOAA

Hour of code

Fun Brain Math Zone


Stay safe out there!

Creative Ways to show your learning!

A note to parents: Even if your child is using this site to find the ‘GOOD’ educational sites, please still watch over their internet usage. Some of these sites then link to other sites that I don’t have any control over…. Please let me know if anything needs my attention or removal.

Training Sessions

Destination Imagination

Mrs. Darci Lindgren

Exploring Technology Together