Using Chrome from home computers – if you get certificate errors once logged into the google account, some security certificates need installed to make chrome functional. Open another browser (like explorer or firefox) and use this maintenance link to get the certificates needed.

Virus and Spyware Removal Tools

Due to several recent issues with viruses and spyware with our ‘home’ computers, here are the resources that I personally use to fix infections:

(I only use the ‘free’ versions on all these sites with good results)

Malwarebytes spyware removal – new 2011 –

Win Patrol = System monitor and auto running program

Detailed instructions if you HAVE an infection:

You may have to download the files using another computer if your internet is not working..

1.  Download and install adaware, get updates, scan computer
Restart computer, scan again.  Adaware Free

2. Download and install spybot.  Scan, restart, scan. Spybot Search & Destroy =

3. May have to repeat (using both) up to 4 times ?

4. Some times F8- start in safe mode on startup and scan in there.
Firefox: Safer browser for online credit card transactions: Firefox =
Free antivirus, but remember antivirus is only good if you update daily.
Run nightly full system scans.  Choose ONE – if you install both, they may fight.

Avast free antivirus =

AVG free antivirus =

Other useful and free programs you may find useful to download:

VLC Media Player(open source dvd playing) –

Tux Paint Tux paint is a free drawing program for kids. Stamps are a separate download.

Tux Typing Tux typing is a free typing practice program.   Once it is downloaded and installed, it runs by itself on your computer.  You do not have to connect to the internet to play.

Tux Math Free math program

Artrage 2 – starter edition, free download

Gimp – free advanced graphics editor

Open Office – full suite of programs for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

Audacity – free audio Editing

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