Internet Safety

Digcit Conversation Starters – works well on a phone

Interland Play your way to Internet Awesome.

Webonauts Internet Academy from PBS – needs flash (firefox browser)

Netsmarts Teens

Facticious – determine if news stories are ‘fake’ or not

DQ World – Digital IQ world, 82 levels!  Get your username and password from Mrs. Lindgren

Pause and Think Online – from Common Sense Media on Youtube

Disney Surf Swell Island Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge

Professor Garfield Cyber Bullying.

Common Sense Media
to help you evaluate web sites, movies, video games, etc.

Nebraska Attorney General – Safe Kids

Cyber Tip Line

Nebraska State Patrol

Net Smarts

Yahoo Internet Safety

Web Site Evaluation

Hoax Lesson Plans

Avoid Fake Web Sites Funny!

Web Site Evaluation

Exploring Technology Together

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