Hurricane Simulator – drag the hurricane and pressure centers to change it

Lost Ladybug Project – Find rare ladybugs and help scientists collect data

NanoSpace– Virtual amusement park of atoms and molecules

How the Body Works

Health Games

Sugar Sugar basic physics game, Sugar Sugar 2 , Sugar Sugar 3

NASA Climate Kids

Disaster Master and other games from FEMA

Interactive Solar System

Games to teach ocean awareness

National Geographic Animals

Cyber Sleuth Animals

Palentology Portal

Everyday Mysteries


FEMA for kids (U.S. disasters)

Weather channel for kids

Rowe Sanctuary

The Wild Classroom (biology)

Cells Alive

NASA for Kids

NASA Space Place

The Virtual Body

Forces of Nature (make your own tornado!)
National Geographic for kids


Simple Machines

Inventors tool Box

Awesome Weather Pictures – by year

American Museum of Natural History

Touch of Class

Eco Kids

Walking with Dinosaurs

Yuckiest site on the internet

Exploring Technology Together

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