Digital Citizenship for Teens – Lessons learned from MTV’s Catfish

What is a Catfish? The term was coined in a 2010 film portraying real life events where people pretend to be someone else on fabricated online identities.  This specific form of cyber bullying is investigated and revealed during the weekly Catfish series on MTV.  The host, Nev Schulman, models good practices of cyber investigation combined with simple common sense.  Several times in 2013, it has been the top Nielson rated broadcast with viewers ages 18-49 in its time slot.  By using this popular, timely, unscripted resource, even high school students can be kept engrossed.   Due to adult content, only pre-recorded and reviewed sections of episodes will be used in class.

Lesson plans will be stored here once they are used in my school.

Resources being used to prepare for this session:

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