The Real Science of Spore

Spore Video Game Brings Science to Life in Your Classroom

The new Spore game has the potential to teach kids about a number of different scientific and historical concepts, everything from evolution to microbiology to early civilization. Learn how to harness your students’ interest in video games to teach them even more! Quoted from

Free Trial of the Creature Creator section for PC/Mac can be downloaded at

In the creature creator, students learn carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore, and design their animal with traits to be successful in each life form.

Video of Robin Williams Demonstrating the creature creator:

Will Wright Explains the Game – Online Video from TED conference

The Science Behind Spore – online video Article  The Science of Spore

PBS NewsHour Fun Biology Video Game Lets Players Tinker With Evolution

GDC (Game Developers Conference) News Lessons Learned from Spore

Official Spore Game online Forum Science and Spore

The last stage of the video game has by far the most advanced scientific concepts.  Black Holes, Super novas, galaxies, space travel and more…

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